The festival of two kings

This celebration, one of the most typical and original of the area, is a meeting in origin of men and, for a few years, also of women, who eat, drink, sing, dance and perform the typical celebrations of these days for five days of festival. The people in charge of the party are the King and the Queen, a man a single woman, and the Viceroy and his wife that are married. Usually the party takes place between the 5th -9th of January. This celebration is related to the religious festival through the pastoradas, small Nativity processions that were also celebrated in the atriums of the churches of the provinces of León, Zamora, Salamanca and Asturias. One of the emblems of this festival is the Branch, a symbol of fertility and pagan abundance that preludes spring with a base of kings cake, raisins, figs, cookies, donuts, bread figures, fruits, etc. that appears elaborated .. .